Producer: almost all tickets for the Week of Russian cinema in Britain sold

© Fotolia / nyulЗрители in the cinemaProducer: almost all tickets for the Week of Russian cinema in Britain sold© Fotolia / nyul

The number of sites of the Russian film Week in comparison with the year 2016 increased four times, the tickets to almost all shows, including «Matilda» by Alexei Uchitel, «Arrhythmia» Boris Khlebnikov and «Big» Valery Todorovsky has already been sold, told reporters on Saturday, the General producer of the event Filip Perkon.

Russian film week in Britain, which takes place in 16 venues in London, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Manchester and Oxford, opened on 19 November with the screening of the film by Fyodor Bondarchuk «Attraction». Also at the festival will be shown tape «first Time» Dmitry Kiselev, «Large», «Matilda» and others.

«First, we have doubled the number of movies and number of screenings, master classes, exhibitions, the number of guests. This year the percentage of the audience, not speaking the Russian language has increased. We now have an average of 30% of proscovia, and some movies in General, the percentage reaches 80 is such films as «first Time», for example. In addition, last year we had five sites involved, and this year their 20,» said Perkon.

He noted that most of the shows tickets are already long sold out, and «Matilda» it was decided to organize an additional session, as the tickets for the first flew for four hours.

«Today Russian cinema tries to explain and understand the problems that exist not only in Russia but also in British society,» — said the Russian Ambassador in London Alexander Yakovenko, explaining the interest in Russian cinema in Britain.

The Board of Trustees of the festival from the Russian side included Directors Todorovski and Teacher, and British filmmakers Ralph Fiennes, Brian Cox and Elliot grove. Participation in the event involves more than 100 Directors, actors and producers.

The main event of the festival will be a solemn ceremony of awarding the prize «Golden unicorn», which is awarded to filmmakers for merits in development of filmmaking associated with Russia. The awards will be presented in the categories «Best film», «Best actor» «Best actress», «Best screenplay», «Young talent», «Best foreign film about Russia» and others.