Sociologists have found out how the people of Germany feel about the idea of re-election

© AP Photo / Olivier MatthysКанцлер of Germany Angela Merkel. Archival photoSociologists have found out how the people of Germany feel about the idea of re-election© AP Photo / Olivier Matthys

The views of Germans regarding needs Angela Merkel to remain Chancellor or to leave the post of head of state in case of re-election, divided almost equally, according to a new survey of the Institute of public opinion YouGov.

According to the newspaper Zeit, according to the study, 40% of respondents expressed support for Merkel as the Chancellor, while 41% of respondents believe that Merkel should leave the post in case of re-election.

According to 56% of Germans, the leader of the social Democrats Martin Schulz should not act as a candidate for Chancellor in the case of re-election, and only 23% expressed support for his nomination.

Most of the citizens of Germany – 65% — do not see a big problem that may be held another election. While 59% of respondents said they will vote for the same party that for the elections held on September 24, and only 8% of respondents changed their preferences in favor of other parties.

On the night of November 20 the Free democratic party withdrew from a multi-week talks on forming a parliamentary coalition with the CDU/CSU Merkel and «Green» (coalition «Jamaica»). «Jamaica» in case of success of negotiations would have 393 of 709 seats in the Bundestag (55%), but after the liberals remaining participants in the negotiations have only 44% of the seats without getting a majority. The SPD had previously ruled out the possibility of their participation in a «Grand coalition» with the CDU/CSU is another option, which would create a majority government (399 seats, or 56%), subsequently, however, Schulz said about the readiness to discuss the participation in the government coalition.

If negotiations on forming a coalition will not succeed available there are two options: a minority government, which in German history has not been, and new elections, which never showed up so quickly.


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