The film Khlebnikov «Arrhythmia» received Grand-Prix of the festival in Honfleur

© CTB film company (2017) a shot of the film. Archival photoThe film Khlebnikov «Arrhythmia» received Grand-Prix of the festival in Honfleur© CTB Film company (2017)

Drama movie «Arrhythmia» directed by Boris Khlebnikov received the Grand Prix of the jubilee of the 25th festival of Russian cinema in Honfleur, told RIA Novosti the representative of the organizing Committee of the festival Elena Duffer.

The award for best actor was shared by Alexander Yatsenko («Arrhythmia») and Yevgeny Tkachuk («As Vic the Garlic was carrying Lech Pin in a nursing home»). The prize for best actress was awarded to actress Marina Neelova («Carp frostbite»).

The prize of spectator sympathies at this time also went to «Arrhythmia».

The award for best screenplay was awarded to the film «Found a cut diamond». This picture was also awarded the prize of the Normandy region for the best debut.

The jury of anniversary festival includes German actor Richard Sammel, French actor Mehdi Nebbou French actress Anne-Solenn Hutt, French model and actress Marie-ange Casta, the French actress Pascal Arbio, the operator Gilles Port, French economist and public figure grégoire Chertok. Chairman of the jury was the French actor and filmmaker Safi Nebbou.