The mayor of Magadan urged residents to take up shovels and clear the snow from the city

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Subtemperate in Photobacterium views of the port and residential areas of Magadan. Archival photoThe mayor of Magadan urged residents to take up shovels and clear the snow from the city© RIA Novosti / Sergey Subtemperate the image Bank

The mayor of Magadan Yuriy grishan has addressed to inhabitants of Magadan with the request to take shovels and clear the city, public utilities and road already cannot cope with the amount of snow that fell in the capital of the Kolyma river in November.

On Friday the Kolyma came next, already the sixth since the beginning of November cyclone, which brought heavy wind and snowfall. During this time they have three times violated the Magadan airport were arrested dozens of flights. Several times closed for all kinds of transport route Magadan-Farcical-Pass, canceled classes in schools of Magadan.

«I appealed to the parents of children who go to kindergartens, to schools, to pupils and students, the heads of enterprises of all forms of ownership – out on Saturday. And today, respond to our cultural institutions, a number of economic entities to still to clean up, to help the city,» said grishan on the briefing.

During the month of November in Magadan had the two-month norm of snow, and in the North Evensk district of Kolyma the amount exceeded the norm by five times, told RIA Novosti head EMERCOM of Russia in the region Ljubomir Fly.

«We have received information from the meteorologists. In Magadan, the amount of precipitation exceeded 100%, in Evensk — 400%. The excess of the multiyear average was recorded in all districts of the region», — said the Agency interlocutor.