«The most deadly»: the British media spoke about a new Russian submarine

© Photo : JSC «PO Sevmash»Strategic nuclear submarine (project 955 Borey) Alexander Nevsky. Archive photo«The most deadly»: the British media spoke about a new Russian submarine© Photo : JSC «PO Sevmash»

Western media, among them Daily Mail, Daily Express and Daily Star, has published about the new Russian missile submarine «Knyaz Vladimir», launched on November 17 in Severodvinsk.

Edition of the Daily Mail called the sub «the most deadly submarine in the world.» The article notes that «Prince Vladimir» is equipped with 20 (in reality, their 16 — ed.) of Intercontinental ballistic missiles R-30 «Bulava», which have multiple warheads capacity of 150 kilotons each. A submarine capable of launching missiles at the distance of 9.3 thousand kilometers and has a working diving depth up to 400 meters, making it almost invisible to radars, emphasizes the publication.

It is noted that the American rival «Prince Vladimir» — a submarine of the Ohio carries 24 ballistic missiles Trident II, which have a smaller range, while the submarine is less than the working depth.

In the comments under the articles spun by a lively discussion.

«It seems that they have gone for years to come, when it comes to such things,» writes Solution.

«A large part of Russian weapons — junk that will fall apart in time for Breakfast. No matter what your leaders say. Russia is not a superpower, and NATO because the USA will easily crush these ancient tanks and infantry fighting vehicles» — arguing with him BetterDeadThanRed.

«Russia becomes the world leader, and no one takes this into account. Once our leaders agree, and this will provoke a war against it. We need to be in the same team, not to increase friction, as does Mei», — said vivelo.

«I ask myself, what’s the point? Giving the fact that the missile reaches the target a minute before? Because the answer will arrive the same rocket. It is better to direct resources to the development and victory in small confrontations. A nuclear war cannot be won,» says leapingwolf.

«Prince Vladimir» was the fourth submarine of project 955 «Borey» and the first modernized cruiser series «Borey». He should go into battle the Northern fleet already in 2018 year. On the «Sevmash» completed four submarine cruisers, their launching is planned until 2022.