The President of Brazil made a successful angioplasty on heart

© AFP 2017 / AnholetaПрезидент Andressa of Brazil Michel TemerThe President of Brazil made a successful angioplasty on heart© AFP 2017 / Andressa Anholeta

The President of Brazil, Temer Michele the Friday night were made three successful angioplasty of the coronary arteries with a stent, informed the presidential administration.

The operation was carried out in Syrian-Lebanese hospital in Sao Paulo, where Temer fell on the same day. Channel Globo says that the President will have to remain in hospital to recover for two days. In addition, Temer hosted a screening for health status is made after the end of October urological operations on prostate.

Information about the partial blockage of the coronary arteries in of Temer appeared in early October. Initially the operation was scheduled at the same time, but was postponed due to the vote on the indictments of corruption to the President. In the end, the charges by the lower house of the National Congress was rejected.