The US has reviewed the decision to close the PLO’s office

© AP Photo / Luis M. AlvarezЗдание of the US state Department in WashingtonThe US has reviewed the decision to close the PLO’s office© AP Photo / Luis M. Alvarez

The U.S. government has revised its decision to close the representative office of the Palestine liberation Organization (PLO) and allowed him to operate with certain restrictions, which can be removed in 90 days, reports on Friday, the news Agency associated Press.

According to the Agency, the official U.S. state Department spokesman Edgar Vasquez, Washington «advised the PLO office be confined to actions associated with achieving a comprehensive and lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians.» He also noted that the restrictions can be lifted if the United States decides that both parties engaged in serious negotiations. «We are optimistic that this will happen at the end of the 90-day period, the President will be able to allow the representation of the PLO to resume work in full scale,» he said.

The state Department last Saturday announced the withdrawal of permission to work in the US, the PLO mission structure representing the Palestinians on the international stage and actually performing the functions of their Embassy in Washington. The state Department has not renewed the work permit office of the PLO after the attempts of the Palestinians to appeal to international criminal court with accusations against the Israeli authorities.

In response the Palestinian authority has decided to suspend contacts with the United States.

According to the adopted in 2015 by the U.S. Congress to the law, Palestine loses the right to representation in the capital of the USA, if supported by the investigation of the ICC against Israel for crimes against Palestinians.