«The voice» called to do videos from the polling stations available to the public

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The movement to protect the rights of voters «Voice» encourages people to make videos with plots available to the public: on YouTube, you can post anything, and for presentation in courts could be envisaged, for example, certified videos, co-Chairman of movement «the Voice» Andrey Buzin.

«The access problem can be solved very simply. No technical problems and even serious financial problems, not to provide full access to videos for everyone. You can talk about certified videos, if it is necessary in court to show. And so — look. We have YouTube, where anything can be placed,» said Buzin within all-Russian civil forum in the discussion about public surveillance.

As the expert noted, the biggest concern is it what is done now with the videos from the polling stations. As an example, he cited the situation in his practice. The representative of the «Voices» said that now is the court representative in the case of violations in the elections in Timiryazevsky district, and then the falsification led to the fact that not only changed the composition of the deputies, but he radically changed the composition of the Board of deputies. For evidence of falsification took a record from a camcorder in the election commissions, where counting of votes.

«Now, to get video that was made with this camcorder, it is impossible, because if you go to the Moscow city election Commission, it sent the Department of information policy if you are applying to the Department of information policy, it sends to the Moscow city election Commission,» said Buzin.

Such a «draconian restriction» established by the decision of Moscow election Committee, he said. Co-chair of «Voices» said that this practice should be corrected.

He said that now the problem is at the Federal level, as the draft resolution of the Central election Commission, which is now published for public comment, «contains the same draconian rules of access to the videotapes,» as adopted by the Moscow election Committee rules.

For his part, the head of the CEC of Russia, Ella Pamfilova, said that among the 23 criminal cases filed after violations in the Duma elections of 2016, there are those who have been initiated on the basis of videos with plots. However, the CEC appealed to the law enforcement agencies on a multiple of the larger number of violations.

«The courts are not in my competence, I’m sorry, and what concerns law enforcement — 23 criminal cases — Yes, there is, but we served 500. I hope I toughen penalties, including a group conspiracy, will have some value,» — said Pamfilova during the discussion.