Extra load: in the case of the loss of the submarine «San Juan» appeared new items

© REUTERS / Armada ArgentinaАргентинская military submarine San Juan. Archival photoExtra load: in the case of the loss of the submarine «San Juan» appeared new items© REUTERS / Armada Argentina

In the case of the missing Argentine submarine «San Juan» appeared new items. According to the brother of one of the Junior officers of the submarine, instead of the 37 crew members on Board there were 44 persons, the remaining seven people were not divers.

Among them were two combat swimmer units of special forces of the Navy of the Argentine Buzos Tacticos and as an employee of the naval intelligence service. This information family member of the submariner said the wife of the intelligence officer aboard submarines.

Descended to the shore

The newspaper Clarin with reference to the representative of the Navy of Argentina Enrique Balbi said that two members of the crew left the submarine shortly before she disappeared.

One of the sailors was released on leave due to hospitalization of the mother. The second crew member was allowed to go with subs in the last minutes before the dive — he spent several days asked the authorities to let him go to do the paperwork on the newly purchased house. About that mother of a sailor said in an interview.

A common practice

According to editor-in-chief of the journal of the Ministry of defense, «Warrior of Russia» of captain Basil Dadykina, additional passengers could not be the cause of the accident on the submarine. According to him, this happens all the time.

«It could be representatives of higher headquarters, science, industry, non-standard priests, military journalists. In the solid case a nuclear submarine, for example, inter-fleet transfer can sit down and the second crew. Of course, regular team members have to double up,» — said the expert.

He stressed that everyone who goes to sea on Board the submarine, are appropriate, «in particular, the light-weight diving training».

«It’s not passengers, but experts who are trained to scuba. Boats almost never go only with a staff team on Board. They were originally designed to accommodate extra number of people and non-standard property,» explained Dadykin.

What happened with the submarine?

The submarine «San Juan» of the Navy of Argentina has ceased to go on air November 15 on the way from the port of Ushuaia in the city of Mar del Plata. The missing submarine was built in Germany and is included in the composition of the Navy of Argentina in 1985. Its length is 66 meters, the submarine speeds up to 25 knots.

She had enough oxygen for six days in offline mode. Provisions should be enough for 15 days. It is known that in the time of the last contact the crew reported the accident occurred.

On Thursday, the Navy of Argentina reported that in the area of the disappearance of the submarine explosion.

Russia’s Help

Despite the bad weather the search for the submarine continued.

On Friday in Argentina flew by Russian specialists. The group consisted of the commander and operators of the remotely operated underwater vehicle «Pantera plus», the divers-glubokovodnye and a diving doctor. Senior groups of the Russian military rescuers became head of the research Institute of rescue and undersea technologies for Military training and research center of the Navy Sergey Bashmakov.

The defense Ministry also sent to Argentina mobile complex «Panther plus» is designed to find objects at depth.

In addition, in the area of search operations, redirected Oceanographic research vessel «Yantar», which was located off the West coast of Africa. This ship is equipped with two deep-water submersibles, allowing for surveys at depths up to six kilometers.

The search also involved British and American forces, joined by a Norwegian ship. In Argentina said that the operation will continue as long as the submarine is found.