Human rights activists urged to enshrine in law the public control on the elections

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Codecoverage in photobacteria the ballot box. Archival photoHuman rights activists urged to enshrine in law the public control on the elections© RIA Novosti / Alexei Codiscovered the image Bank

The participants of the national Congress in defense of human rights voted for the resolution in which they noted the importance of legislative consolidation of the Institute of public associations in the election.

Congress in defense of human rights at the initiative of leading human rights organizations in the country takes place on Sunday in Moscow in hotel «Space», the participants discussed the main threats and negative trends in the sphere of human rights. Following the discussion, recommendations will the government and society about the observance of the constitutional norms in this area.

«It is important… to create the conditions for public observation of the elections, in particular, to legislate the Institute of public unions,» from the text of the resolution.

A member of the Moscow Helsinki group (MHG) Lilia Shibanova also urged human rights activists to participate in monitoring future elections, including at the Federal level.

«We would like to appeal to all of you… called what to observe elections, monitor budgets, and to monitor the decisions of the courts is our duty the human rights community, it’s just our civic duty. So in the next elections, those who are in the regions and they take place every Sunday, and, of course, in the next Federal campaign, we are encouraging you all to participate in this observation,» said she.