Pakistani opposition demanded the immediate resignation of the interior Minister

© Flickr / kash_ifПакистанская the police. Archival photoPakistani opposition demanded the immediate resignation of the interior Minister© Flickr / kash_if

Pakistani opposition party «Tehreek-e-Insaf» (PTI) demanded the immediate resignation of the Minister of internal Affairs of the country’s Ahsan Iqbal in the backdrop of the ongoing second day of the operation the security forces to disperse religious activists in Islamabad, reports Geo TV.

In the capital city of Pakistan held a week of mass protests. The reason for this was caused by the government’s decision to amend the election law that have provoked discontent in the ranks of radical Muslims. At midnight on November 25 was the deadline of the ultimatum of the authorities under which activists had to stop the protest. On Saturday morning the police started the dispersal of power.

Citing a statement issued by the Secretary General PTI Jehangir tareen a, the TV channel reported that the opposition accuses Iqbal of incompetence due to his decision to involve the army to disperse the protesters.

The Secretary General of PTI also said that, instead of trying to solve the current problem, Iqbal «continues to make empty statements», being at the head of the interior Ministry.

Taryn also criticized the government’s decision to temporarily block the broadcasting of the private TV channels and most popular social networks. He called these measures «undemocratic» and called immediately to cancel them.

Yesterday in conversation with journalists the Minister said that the government is prepared to suspend military operations and start negotiations with the protesters, «at any time». He recalled that the military operation to sweep the streets of Islamabad from religious activists held in strict compliance with the Directive of the Supreme court.

In addition, Iqbal urged local residents «not to provoke chaos», because, according to the official, «it will play into the hands of supporters of the conspiracy against their country.»

Shortly after the start of the operation in Islamabad spontaneous demonstrations in support of religious activists broke out in most major cities in the country. In most of the Pakistani capital remained tense.

According to recent reports, over the past day killed at least six people, at least 200 were injured. 90 of them are police officers and special forces soldiers. In the Metropolitan district Faizabad, where initially took action Islamists tightened additional forces of the interior Ministry and the army.

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