The government of Japan hopes in the 2020s will send astronauts to the moon

© NASAВид to Earth from the moonThe government of Japan hopes in the 2020s will send astronauts to the moon© NASA

Japan hopes to get a chance in 2020-ies to send their astronauts on the lunar surface in the composition manned missions due to probable participation in the international program for the construction of a modular habitat, known as Deep Space Gateway on the lunar orbit.

About this Japanese newspaper «Yomiuri» said a source in government circles.

In the case of participation in an international project Japan could offer assistance in creating ships for landing on the lunar surface, and to provide developments of Japanese experts in the field of purification of water and air or technological solutions docking of a transport spacecraft.

Thus, the newspaper notes, the government of Japan intends not only to be able to participate in manned missions on the lunar surface, but also enhance the country’s competitiveness in the space industry in the international arena.

NASA and its partners in the face of major space agencies are planning to begin construction of a modular habitat, known as the Gateway to Deep Space, in orbit around the moon in the early 2020-ies. The station will become a new ambitious international space project and the first extending human presence beyond Earth’s orbit.

It is assumed that the leading space agencies of Europe, Canada and Russia and Japan collaborating currently on the International space station program, in the case of participation in the new project in exchange for the provision of modules and other hardware would be able to send their astronauts and cosmonauts on the lunar station. NASA, in turn, offers to make a Deep Space Gateway available for the preparation of expeditions to the lunar surface. Space Agency has also expressed interest in creating a lander that could move between the orbital station and the surface of the moon.