Titov told why he decided to run for President

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The current President of Russia Vladimir Putin is the guarantor of stability in the country, but to the authorities you have questions, largely concerning that, in addition to stability and forward movement, said Sunday at a briefing the business Ombudsman and the Chairman of the Party of Growth Boris Titov, savevski of intent to participate in the presidential campaign.

Regular elections of the President of Russia will be held in March next year, the campaign is supposed to start in December. Batch Growth on Sunday Titov put forward the candidate on a post of the head of state. He expressed their readiness to participate in the presidential election of 2018.

«We believe that the country needs serious economic changes, but any changes can’t go in conditions of instability of… Reform must be supported by the people. The guarantor of stability today is Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin», — said Titov, adding that he and his colleagues in the party there are questions to the current government.

«Our main claim is that this stability does not work in the future — it only works for today. We need not only stability, but moving forward», — said the Chairman of the party.

He added that moving forward can be realized through the support of the middle class, due to the fact that businesses will be given the freedom to develop private initiative.

«Allow business to develop freely, and we know the country… a Private initiative works wonders,» — said Titov.

He said that in the party already know who they will have to compete. «We expect those who will fight with Putin. None of them are no clearly defined program. The same Sobchak, which goes «against all». We are all the same «for», — said Titov.

He said that soon party will form the headquarters, will procure consultants. «Of course, today we see that in many ways it favors the situation… more the open road. People began with great interest to relate to the policy», — said the leader of the Party of Growth.