Gref believes the most promising sectors of Finance, retail and medicine

© RIA Novosti / Kirill to Kallinikova in potabachim Gref during a speech at the forum Synergy Global ForumGref believes the most promising sectors of Finance, retail and medicine© RIA Novosti / Kirill to Kallinikova the image Bank

Sberbank considers the most promising in the next few years the business development in Finance, retail and medicine, said the head of Sberbank German Gref at the forum Synergy Global Forum.

«From the point of view of the size of the industry, we took the assessment and formed the priority areas where would like to participate – number one is, of course, Finance. And certainly is at the center of what is called disruption — what will change very fast. Unfortunately or fortunately, the financial technology will develop the brand rapidly,» said Gref in his speech, answering the question, what three industry will terms of the most successful and popular in the coming years.

The following two priorities Gref believes that investing in retail and medicine. «The second is retail. We have about 50% of enterprises are engaged in trading and it is a mediator function. With the development of e-commerce, all physical intermediation go back in time,» he said. According to Gref, intermediation in retail will be junk in 5-6 years, when all this business will move into the digital plane.

Medicine, in his opinion, attractive opportunities for innovation. «This does not mean that tomorrow it is necessary to open some kind of clinic. Medical science is beginning to aggregate a large number of technologies. There is virtually no technology that medicine today would not have used starting from the quantum sensor, big data, neurostock, a huge number of new technologies», — said a top Manager.

According to Gref, the Russian economy is at the stage of modernization. «Often, not much need to worry on the subject of what the next step needs to be done. Simply accurately repeating what your colleagues are doing in other countries. And implementation of business models in Russia, those business models that have already yielded results in the United States, developed European countries and in China, I think, is the right path for success at this stage,» he said.

«We are in the process of modernization. I would say that the chances of being successful Russian business at the stage of modernization significantly higher. Given the fact that the Russians were always distinguished by the ability not just to copy, and add absolutely unthinkable, creative, I think that success in this part, we absolutely guaranteed,» said Gref.