In Ecuador, archaeologists from the University discovered the oldest American ceramics

© Fotolia / KrugloffАрхеологические excavationsIn Ecuador, archaeologists from the University discovered the oldest American ceramics© Fotolia / Krugloff

Archaeologists of the far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) in the course of the expedition in Ecuador have discovered artifacts of the age, presumably, about 6 thousand years, according to the University.

«On an ancient village of real Alto, in collaboration with colleagues from the Polytechnic University (ESPOL, Guayaquil) scientists have discovered a cultural layer representing the first stages of settlement one of the most significant monuments of the ancient history of the New world. Stone and ceramic finds belong to the little-known culture of San Pedro and will clarify its place in the history of pre-Columbian America», — stated in the message.

According to the head of the expedition, Director of the scientific-research Museum of the School of Humanities of the University Alexander Popov, Japanese colleagues from Tohoku University took samples of soot to make radiocarbon Dating. Of particular importance to studies of archaeological cultures is the study of ceramics, scientists have found a series of ceramic fragments of the same vessel. Their analysis can provide new information about the development of ancient cultures and the appearance of ceramics on the coast of the Pacific ocean.

Archaeologists of the University are working in Ecuador in 2014. The main goal of the research project is to compare the human adaptation to environmental changes in ancient times, on opposite sides of the ocean, the coast of South America and East Asia. In parallel studies carried out in southern Primorye, including on the island of Russian.