In Thailand the elephant killed the master and tried to hide his body

© 2017 AFP / Prakash Singh Elephant drinking water in the National Zoological Park in new Delhi. Archival photoIn Thailand the elephant killed the master and tried to hide his body© 2017 AFP / Prakash Singh

In Thailand found the body of a farmer, hidden under the branches and leaves near the place where a man had chained his elephant. This writes The Nation.

According to police, the body of 50-year-old man was found by relatives in the evening of 26 November. Forensic examination showed that he received several blows to the head and torso.

It is noted that the man had chained the elephant after the animal the whole day he worked on rubber plantations, carrying timber. In the evening, the farmer returned home and, after several hours of waiting, relatives went looking for him.

According to family members of the deceased, the man killed an elephant, which, according to their testimony, has previously attacked its master.

This is not the first case of elephant attack on humans. 23 Nov in the Indian state of West Bengal, the elephant trampled to death a 40-year-old Sadiq Rahman, who was parked on the side of the highway your car and went out to photograph the animal.