In the Crimea began excavations of the ancient settlement

© Fotolia / KrugloffАрхеологические excavations. Archival photoIn the Crimea began excavations of the ancient settlement© Fotolia / Krugloff

Archaeologists investigate an ancient settlement in the area of the future railway approach to the bridge across the Kerch Strait, the press service reports «the Crimean bridge».

«Near Kerch are large-scale studies of the territory in which discovered 17 burial mounds and an ancient settlement. In the cultural layer of the settlement to a depth of 2 meters was found fragments of buildings and structures: foundations, walls of houses and buildings from different historical periods – from ancient times to the end of the XIX century», — stated in the message.

Excavations precede the construction of the railway approach to the bridge across the Kerch Strait from the Crimea.

«Excavations done at the site of a major archaeological site. This «Complex settlements Bieli», it has long been known in scientific circles. But full-scale research of this facility was started only in 2017 due to the implementation of the project on construction of railway approach to the bridge. We had the opportunity to study settlement, where people lived continuously for several centuries. This is evidenced by the large layer cultural layer» is given in the message of the centre, the head of the archeological works of Yurii Belik.

Archaeological researches are carried out on an area of over 28 thousand square meters, the work involved specialist archaeologists from Kerch, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Voronezh.

Archaeologists have already been transferred for processing and detailed study of hundreds of finds. Among them the Turkish clay Smoking pipes of the XVII-XVIII centuries, vessels, jewelry of the Khazar era, antique pottery, household items, bronze age, religious affiliation: Christian pectoral cross of the XIX century to the Khazar amulet lunnitsy. A collection of coins from different countries, which shows the wide trade relations of the settlement and its high popularity among merchants travelling to the Crimea. Also found numerous stone masonry, remains of burials. Preserved wall with signs of repairs from different eras.

In addition, according to the archaeologist Evgenia Lyutova, in one of the buildings of the Khazar discovered under a powerful stone obstruction discovered three small stone pillars and fragments of stone slabs. «To find out what is before us – residential building or a small cult complex,» — said the archaeologist.

Archaeological work in the area of future road and rail approaches to the bridge began in 2015 and continuing to the present. The total volume of excavation will include more than 600 thousand square meters allocated for construction of approaches. «This is the biggest research archaeological work ever carried out in Russia», — said the press service.

The bridge across the Kerch Strait that will link Crimea and Krasnodar Krai, will be the longest in Russia — its length is 19 kilometers. The beginning of the movement of vehicles on the bridge is scheduled for December 2018.