«It’s time»: Kadyrov has declared desire to leave the post of head of Chechnya

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Goneeverything in fotomontagen Kadyrov. Archival photo«It’s time»: Kadyrov has declared desire to leave the post of head of Chechnya© RIA Novosti / Sergey Goneeverything the image Bank

Ramzan Kadyrov said that he wanted to leave the post of head of Chechnya, as it believes that «it’s time». He told about it on air of the program «actors with Naila Asker-zade,» on the channel «Russia 1».

According to Kadyrov, the resignation is his dream, because to rule the region and be responsible for the people and the Republic, the leadership of the state is very difficult.

The head of Chechnya added that he is tired and is ready to continue to serve Russia, however, believes that the Republic needs a different type of leader. «I think it’s time. When something was needed, such as I — to fight, to restore order. And today we have order, respect, understanding in society. First and foremost, they recognize us as citizens of Russia. I think we have time to make changes and in the Chechen Republic», — said the head of the region.

Speaking about a possible successor of the leader of Chechnya said that the decision on this issue is the prerogative of the leadership of the state and nation.

«If you ask me who you want — there are a few people who are 100% unable to fulfil those obligations, duties at the highest level. And so it is — how to decide. We believe, and there have,» said he.

«The Caucasus is the ridge of Russia»

Kadyrov also noted that Chechnya is making a significant contribution to the security of Russia.

«The Caucasus is the backbone of Russia’s security in the first place. Therefore, in the Caucasus, more warriors than I said in the other districts. And always for Russia, for the Tsar of Russia… — we have always given soldiers. And warriors have always defended and adequately carried out the orders. Presidents, kings. And today the same», — said Kadyrov.

The head of Chechnya added that the Republic provides itself in most areas, and it is a shame when they say «stop feeding the Caucasus.»

«Under the sanctions is nice»

In addition, Kadyrov said that he was pleased to be under sanctions, as it fell under them, in the service of Russia and its people. However, he expressed the view that sanctions help Russia, because they motivate people to work better.

«Happy to be… If I am under the sanctions — I’m not for stealing or there for embezzlement of the budget, or some secrets were given. I for their country, the people fell under the sanctions… It is absolutely does not bother me,» said Kadyrov.

He said that before the introduction of sanctions had not visited America and Europe and is not going to do in the event of cancellation. According to the head of Chechnya, these limitations provide an incentive to serve the state and people.