Maria Kiseleva: my whole family is a big team

© Photo courtesy of the centre for synchronous, platanillo on the waterMaria Kiseleva: my whole family is a big team© photo courtesy of the center for synchronized swimming

On daily work, which led it to glorious victories in three Olympic games, world Championships and European Championships, and favorite daughters, the Center of synchronized swimming and the «tree on the water» RIA Novosti, Yulia Chicherina said the famous athlete, television personality and the Creator of «show on water» Maria Kiseleva:

— All life is composed of many particles, all United in their passion and work. The main place in it is, of course, family and children. Their education — is also love and work with which I live every minute of every day. For me the main thing that they were happy and healthy and grow as individuals with the right guidance and self-confident, self-motivated.

The «weakest link» we have is time, which everyone living in modern society, is not always enough. But my family is a big team of like — minded people, which does not have a separate «projects». We are together, and it’s great! It’s a tight schedule, but attacks from the life of some piece, and it ceases to be complete and holistic. So all I do is my life, where everything fits together and works perfectly.

— Talk about sports from the moment you first come into the pool, and before the end of his sports career when won all possible medals and titles. As a professional synchronized swimming of my life for over 30 years. It’s a long road that begins with career athletes, where in the first place is always worth the work. Here the most important thing — hard work and tenacity, talented and strong mentors that guide you along this path. All athletes are driven, and the drive here trainers.Very soon, in December, will pass the championship of Moscow, they are all Moscow schools. Competitions on synchronous swimming will be held in two age groups: 13-15 years old and children 12 years and younger. The command center will be presented in all ages. In the younger subgroup, we perform two compositions. Undoubtedly, our plan is to show the best results, to gain a leading position seriously to compete with its competitors. The leader of our team — Maria Prokofieva. Last year she won the all-Russian competitions among soloists.

Russian synchronized swimmers annually confirm their superiority on a global level. It all started with you and Olga Brusnikina. What is the secret of success? Which team is our main competitor?

Russian synchronized swimmers have exactly 20 years leads the world. The first victory, the Russian team won in 1997 at the world Cup in Guangzhou in group, duet and solo, then was the world Cup and the Olympic games 2000 in Sydney, where we won our first Olympic gold medals. Since then, in all competitions of any level in our team — only the highest award and first place.

The composition of the athletes is changing, and the coaching staff remains virtually unchanged and is headed by him all these years, Tatiana Pokrovskaya.
The key to success of Russian national team — the training work on all 200 percent. Our main secrets, a strong coaching staff, experience, talented and motivated athletes, most «bench», and a large number of strong sporting schools and serious competition within them. All of this and gives the best results.

If we talk about the next opponent for the awards, the teams from China, Japan, Spain and Ukraine. These commands are interesting, but the leaders, again, are Russian synchronised swimmers.

— World synchronized swimming every four years, lives under the new rules. Do you think their next changes will affect the performances of our teams in 2018-2022 years?

— Indeed, all the world synchronised swimming live by the new rules after each Olympic cycle. In October has passed tournament «Stars of Moscow», where the youngest ages showed a new figure — according to the new requirements. There is a big work not only with athletes but also with the coaching and refereeing teams. Seminars for correct interpretation of a particular element or content of the composition. This is a normal, standard work which develops our sport, makes it more interesting and brighter.

— New year’s performances on the water — another successful project….

Birth performances on the water I owe my daughters. The idea came to me when I was waiting for the birth of the eldest daughter Dasha, but implementation started only after it appeared, the youngest daughter Sasha. Now the girls themselves take an active part in the performances. We are working simultaneously in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kazan. Every year our plays are moving from city to city. First premiere takes place in Moscow, next year in St. Petersburg, and then in Kazan.

This year in Kazan and St. Petersburg spectators will see a great story — «the Tale of Tsar Satan» — beloved by all generations of Pushkin’s the tale told by our unique theatrical language. And the Moscow audience will go on a journey through the myths of Ancient Greece with the play «Mission Odyssey» where we are, as always, has combined sport and art. All shows will take place in three spaces: on water, land and air.

© Photo courtesy of the centre for synchronous, platanillo on the waterMaria Kiseleva: my whole family is a big team© photo courtesy of the centre for synchronous, platanillo on the water

This is the story of these heroes, where a modern girl falls into the world of Ancient Greece, meets a young Telemachus looking for his father Odysseus, making exploits. A story about courage, strength, beauty, love and friendship. The team that works on this show, even have to it’s motto: «a Hero can be you!». And we want to convey to our younger viewers. Every year we try to use more innovative ideas and technologies. For example, this time we have «come alive» and the water in the pool. All the spectators waiting for a lot of emotions and unexpected surprises. prior to the meeting in the Palace of sports «Dynamo» from 23 December to 7 January!