Off the coast of Japan found a boat with eight people

© REUTERS / KyodoДеревянная the boat with the bodies of eight people, found off the coast of Japan. 27 Nov 2017Off the coast of Japan found a boat with eight people© REUTERS / Kyodo

Wooden boat with the remains of eight people were washed ashore in Japan, in the city of OGA in Akita Prefecture, told RIA Novosti by telephone to the local coast guard.

According to her, some of the bodies had already turned into skeletons. The police are trying to find out the identity of the boat and human remains.

From time to time to the shores of Japan makes the hardwood court of North Korea, however, as reported in the coast guard Akita, there is no evidence about the origin of the boat and who was in it remains. On the boat any marking is missing.

In mid-November off the coast of Ishikawa Prefecture in the sea of Japan to the drifting boat was discovered three North Korean citizens who were transferred to the DPRK at their request. Only the boat had 15 people, but the fate of the others in addition to rescued remained unknown.

The DPRK and Japan have no diplomatic relations with each other. Due to the ongoing nuclear and missile tests by Pyongyang, Tokyo is in favour of strengthening international and bilateral sanctions and pressure on North Korea.