Roscomnadzor will monitor the results of the Russian news resources

© AP Photo / Jens of Meriggioli with laptops in the background of the Google logo. Archival photoRoscomnadzor will monitor the results of the Russian news resources© AP Photo / Jens Meyer

Roskomnadzor encouraged by the response of Google on the request of the Agency on the «ranking» RT and Sputnik, plans to soon introduce the monitoring of changes in the trend of issuing Russian news resources, reported on the Agency’s website.

The Agency had earlier sent Google an official request in connection with the intention to «rank» materials RT and Sputnik. Monday on the website of Roscomnadzor reported that the Google for this query replied that he did not intend to alter the search algorithm for re-registration of individual sites.

«We are encouraged by the response of Google to our letter. It would be very sad to get confirmation that one of the most transparent and promoting the company’s openness in the world has abandoned its principles and, in fact, censored. We are glad to know that it is not,» are available on the website of the Ministry of the word of the Deputy head of Roskomnadzor Vadim Subbotin.

«In order for the explanation Google does not raise doubts in the Russian society, we will implement monitoring of changes in the trend of the issuance of the news Russian resources in the near future,» he said.

Earlier, the former head of Google, now Chairman of the Board of Directors of the parent holding company Google Inc. Eric Schmidt announced the intention to develop special algorithms that will lower the material RT and Sputnik in the search results Google. He noted that Google is trying to prevent the spread of the content of these resources, but do not want to ban the sites themselves. Schmidt stressed that «does not support censorship, but believes in the rankings.»