The Academy Igor Krutoy called vocal Bogussevich «incredible»

© Sputnik / Denis Aslanbeyli in photobacteria singer Polina Bogussevich, won the final of the Eurovision song contest 2017 in Tbilisi, after the end of the ceremonyThe Academy Igor Krutoy called vocal Bogussevich «incredible»© Sputnik / Denis Aslanbeyli the image Bank

To win the contest «Junior Eurovision-2017» Pauline Bogussevich failed due to her vocal talent, determination and hard work, said RIA Novosti Director General of the Academy of popular music of Igor Krutoy Stella Chechnyans.

Pauline Bogussevich Sunday took first place in the «Junior Eurovision-2017» in Tbilisi with a composition «Wings», scoring 188 points. She is studying at the Academy of popular music of Igor Krutoy and repeatedly became the winner of musical competitions.

«Polina’s incredible vocal, I think that the fingers can be counted children with such vocal talent. And of course, her commitment, her hard work — all in all gave such excellent results,» said Chechnyans.

She noted that «Eurovision» is a contest with unpredictable results. «We, being here in Georgia, experiencing all the same, and the audience, until the last second was not understandable results. We just worked from day one. Pauline says she wasn’t expecting, but it’s not — anyway, any child that participates in the contest and expects to win. In the first few minutes she was confused, and then gathered, but I think Polina is still not quite yet is what happens,» said Chechnyans.

The CEO said that Bogussevich at the Academy know for a long time, as she is the winner of the competition «Children’s New wave», often performed at events with participants of the contest. «Now she is a student of the Academy Igor Krutoy. A year ago we have started intense preparations for the «Children’s Eurovision». After Pauline won in the national qualifying round the jury and vote on the Internet, we have already begun preparing for the final. Shot a video, came up with an interesting idea. Pauline immediately said that she would like to touch on some social topic. We found the burning topic throughout the world is the ratio of children to parents, the family, particularly in adolescence,» said Chechnyans.

Pauline Bogussevich made the song «Wings». Gaining 188 points, she has overtaken party of Georgia Grigol Kipshidze, who scored 185 points. Third place was taken by Australian Isabella Clark, who scored 172 points. Georgia takes first children’s «Eurovision», which this year is held for the 15th time. The competition was held under the slogan «Shine bright». Next year Eurovision will be held in Minsk. Bogussevich previously participated in the project «Voice. Children», and in 2012 became a laureate of the III degree of the international art festival «Ezierski Biseri» in Macedonia. In 2012 she was a participant of TV-projects «Window to Paris» and «School music» in 2014 participated in the projects «song of the year,» «Christmas song of the year», «Children’s song of the year» and became the laureate of II degree of the international competition «Children’s New wave».