The Admiral has called the possible cause of the explosion on the missing Argentine submarine

© AP Photo / Argentina NavyПодводная boat San Juan Navy of Argentina. Archival photoThe Admiral has called the possible cause of the explosion on the missing Argentine submarine© AP Photo / Argentina Navy

The battery could be a source of hydrogen, which exploded inside the submarine «San Juan», told RIA Novosti on Monday former commander of the Baltic fleet (2001-2006) Admiral Vladimir Valuev.

The official representative military-naval forces of Argentina Enrique Balbi earlier on Monday said that «since there is no torpedoes, and, accordingly, they can explode, you can build the assumption that an explosion could occur due to the accumulation of hydrogen.» He added that the version of why on Board the missing Argentine submarine «San Juan» could accumulate hydrogen, yet.

Earlier, the Argentine Navy said a single explosion that may be associated with the disappearance of the submarine.

«Yes, it can be one of the reasons: a hydrogen explosion in the battery pit» — said Valuev.

He noted that only the battery could release hydrogen. «In a submerged position turns on the furnace afterburning of hydrogen. If the furnace afterburner is not running, the hydrogen accumulates in the reaction with oxygen forms an explosive mixture when the hydrogen content more than four percent. Moreover, the explosion is accompanied by fire,» said the Admiral.

He added that «a spark can be formed, for example, from hitting metal on metal».

Submarine of the Navy of Argentina «San Juan» has ceased to go on air on 15 November at the transition from naval base Ushuaia to Mar del Plata. At the time of the last communication with the crew was informed about the accident. On Board were 44 people.