The Penza region will establish a single day of reception of entrepreneurs

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The Governor of the Penza region Ivan Belozertsev within the formation in the region of a favourable investment climate was assigned to organize a single day of reception of entrepreneurs, said Monday’s press service.

«To this day, the Governor, the legislature, heads of municipalities of the Penza region, heads of territorial bodies of Federal departments found the opportunity to meet with businessmen. This will enable new efficient work on development of enterprise», is quoted in the message words Belozertseva.

«In order to learn about the facing business problem, the solution of which requires the participation of local and regional authorities, no need to wait when the owner will be able to break through to the reception. Such meetings should be included in the system, they will be formally allocated a fixed time», — said the head of the region.

He instructed the Chairman of the government of the region Nikolay Simonov to study the issue of establishing a uniform day of reception of entrepreneurs. In addition, the Governor has demanded from the municipal authorities regularly meet with business representatives.

«I ask and even require the heads of municipal formations of the region, systematic personal reception of entrepreneurs, learn about their problems and seek solutions,» said Belozertsev.