Vice-President of Venezuela convinced of the futility of US sanctions

© RIA Novosti / Dmitry Znamenskiye. Archival photoVice-President of Venezuela convinced of the futility of US sanctions© RIA Novosti / Dmitry Znamenskiy

Vice-President of Venezuela, Ricardo menéndez believes that the sanctions pressure from the US to Caracas hopeless.

In early November, the United States expanded the list of sanctions on Venezuela, including nine individuals, including senior officials. In particular, in the list were the Ministers of education and culture, the Minister for the presidency, and the Ambassador of Venezuela in Italy. They are all included in the sanctions list for «undermining the electoral process, censorship in the media and corruption», reads the statement of the Ministry of Finance of the United States. Before that, in August, the President of the United States Donald trump has imposed new sanctions against Venezuela amid protests in the country.

«In recent years, Venezuela has experienced significant aggression from the United States. They hoped to block all of our financial, logistics system, our resources. They decided that sanctions will force us to abandon the ideals make to give to be a free country that chooses its own path of development», — said Deputy Prime Minister of Venezuela on Monday in Minsk. In Minsk hosts meeting of Belarusian-Venezuelan Commission for trade and economic cooperation, during which the parties must develop specific new areas for the development of bilateral cooperation.

According to him, Venezuela declares on national and international levels that will not allow anyone to impose their interests. «When we can win this economic war, waged currently against us, we can say that this victory was won together with Belarus thanks to the support that we have received from this country, thanks to support in the production of tractors, cars and so on. You will then be able to feel that you took part in this victory,» added Menendez.