«Aurora» and China Express Airlines has signed an agreement to fly on a single ticket

© RIA Novosti / Ivan Sugarchanelle airline Aurora. Archival photo«Aurora» and China Express Airlines has signed an agreement to fly on a single ticket© RIA Novosti / Ivan Zakharchenko

To fly from the Far East to China and further on the route network of the airline China Express Airlines will be a single electronic ticket, the agreement was signed by far Eastern daughter of «Aeroflot» airline «Aurora» and Chinese China Express Airlines, said Tuesday the press service of the «Aurora».

«The parties signed a bilateral interline agreement that will allow you to use a single e-ticket for a flight from the Far East to China, and then in one direction of the route network ChinaExpressAirlines at the official meeting in Chongqing», — stated in the message.

The agreement on recognition of transportation documentation will allow you to arrange the flights on a single letterhead of any of the airlines at the best through fares and will significantly reduce the time of flight between the two cities in the Far East and China, the company said.

China Express Airlines is a Chinese airline that has been operating in the field of domestic and regional flights. The airline’s route network consists of more than 80 destinations. The fleet presented by aircraft Airbus A320, Bombardier CRJ-900. The main hub of the airline is international airport Chongqing, «Chongqing Jiangbei».

Airline «Aurora» was the first international partner of China Express Airlines enter Russian market. We are planning to start cooperation in the framework of this agreement – since the beginning of the summer schedule in 2018.