Bitcoin exchange rate in 2018 could rise to $15-50 thousand, stated by experts

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich in fotobasketball bitcoin. Archival photoBitcoin exchange rate in 2018 could rise to $15-50 thousand, stated by experts© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich the image Bank

Course the world’s most popular cryptocurrency bitcoin (bitcoin) will continue to grow until the end of 2018, against the background of market factors can go up to 15-50 thousand dollars, consider interviewed by RIA Novosti experts.

The rate of BTC continues to grow, updating the historical maximum. As at 17.20 MSK value of the cryptocurrency at the auction exchange Bitfinex was $ 9,874 thousand dollars, and at auction, it rose to a historic high of 9,941 thousand dollars. While trading on several other exchanges, for example on CoinMarketCap, the cryptocurrency cost is already over 10 thousand dollars.

In Russia and in the world in recent time has seen a rapid growth of interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies working on this technology. A number of countries have opened their markets to cryptocurrencies, however, the Russian authorities are wary of this issue. CBR is not only against payments in the cryptocurrency, but also against equating them to foreign currencies, seeing them as signs of «financial pyramids».

Record year

«The growing trend in bitcoin is preserved», — says senior analyst «Alpari» the novel Tkachuk.

According to him, after reaching 10 thousand dollars the price of cryptocurrencies can not fall back. «A downward correction may not happen. The part of market participants will want to take profits, but another part of the investors will purchase, believing in the continued growth,» he explained.

The expert noted that the growth in the value of cryptocurrency is associated not only with speculation in the market, but also with the pending launch trading of futures contracts on the bitcoin to us exchange CME. The greatest volume of trading at the same analyst said on cryptomeria Japan and South Korea, there are trading «at high volumes».

Columnist-economist Maxim blunt also believes that the price of BTC will continue to grow. «And help us in this traditional rally at the expense of the annual bonus, part of which is invested in financial assets,» he said.

Tkachuk gives a more positive Outlook: «In 2018, the bitcoin exchange rate can rise above 20 thousand dollars. Next year, in the case of launch bitcoin futures on CME, buying bitcoin can connect to large investment funds. If the world’s regulators will be loyal to bitcoin, its exchange rate can rise up to 50 thousand dollars.»

The negative dynamics of trading it also does not exclude. «If the regulators take a tough stance towards cryptocurrencies, we will not be surprised and descent rate to 1000 dollars in next year,» he said.

Blant believes that in 2018, cryptocurrencies are likely to act as a «safe haven currency».

«It cannot be indifferent to the financial authorities, and there is no doubt that attempts «to control» or «regulate» the cryptocurrency will be the more stable, the more serious trouble on the stock and financial markets. This kind of activity can lead to increased volatility, some strong statements can provoke corrective movement. However, the fall will be redeemed, and in 2018, the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies will grow», — he said.