Differed in the reasons: sons Tabakov commented on his hospitalizations

© RIA Novosti / Eugene to Novostinearly in fotobanka tobacco. Archival photoDiffered in the reasons: sons Tabakov commented on his hospitalizations© RIA Novosti / Eugene to Novostinearly the image Bank

The sons of actor Oleg Tabakov identified different reasons for the hospitalization of his father in a Metropolitan hospital.

The eldest son Anton told RBC that the actor is in the First town hospital with a diagnosis of pneumonia. At the same time, the youngest son of Pavel Tabakov said the Agency urban news «Moscow» that his father was undergoing a scheduled dental examination and «no problems».

Tobacco itself has previously confirmed information about the disease. «I’m sick», — said the actor in response to a question of journalists of radio station «Moscow speaking», then hung up.

The first city hospital or private clinic

On admission Tabakov in the First city hospital RIA Novosti reported in the reference service of the clinic. The Agency said that the actor has entered the sixth intensive care unit.

Thus in a press-service of the theatre «Tabakerka» said RIA Novosti that the popular actor is undergoing planned dental treatment in a private clinic. Tobacco arrived at the reception, however, «doctors advised him to stay» and get tested.

The cancellation of performances

Two performances of «Snuff», where busy people’s artist Oleg Tabakov, was cancelled; in the theater explain this damage to the scenery. «The play «the Year when I was born» and «the Seagull» cancelled due to technical reasons, as damaged scenery because of a leak,» — said the representative of the theatre.

Also on the website of the Moscow art theatre them. Chekhov reported that on 29 November cancelled the show «Jubilee jeweler» with Tabakov in the title role.

No critical situation, no

In October 2014 tobacco after deterioration of health was delivered for examination to the hospital RZD. The press service of the Chekhov Moscow art theater then found that there was no critical situation there.

In November 2015 at the Moscow art theatre has cancelled the play «the Last victim», which was supposed to start the festival in honor of the anniversary Tabakov. In the press appeared information that allegedly Tabakov was taken to the hospital, but in the theater these messages are called «absolute lie,» noting that the actor just had a cold and a little hoarse.