Experts warned about a new form of cybercrime in the field of blockchain

© RIA Novosti / Natalia to Seliverstova in fotoreceptorilor technologyExperts warned about a new form of cybercrime in the field of blockchain© RIA Novosti / Natalia to Seliverstova the image Bank

Company Positive Technologies (specializiruetsya in the field of information security) will increase by the end of 2017 the number of attacks on the blockchain the platform and does not preclude the emergence of a new type of cyber crime where unscrupulous blockchain startups will be to justify the loss of funds by activities of hackers, the report said the company (available to the RIA Novosti news Agency).

«Attackers will lose interest in bitcoin for a long time. The question of security of web resources has never been greater, as in the case with the blockchain projects and ICO when unauthorized access to the site management and content means the loss of millions of dollars in a few minutes. Along with the growth in the number of new ICO to the end of the year, and rising attacks on the blockchain platform,» said analyst Positive Technologies Olga Zinenko.

Positive Technologies reminded that this summer the attackers stole about $ 30 million users of cryptocurrency wallet Ethereum Parity because of a vulnerability in the system of multipoles. According to experts, this attack became the most expensive in the third quarter.

In addition, analysts note the increasing incidents of spoofing the addresses of these purses and loss cash users. «We warn readers against hasty action when transferring large sums of money on dubious projects. We can not exclude the possibility of the emergence of a new type of cybercrime is creating a deliberately dishonest blockchain startups to justify the loss of funds by activities of hackers,» say the experts.

Among the main dangers that lies in wait for users of pirated software, this is the risk of downloading the malware. According to a study recently, in addition to Trojans, cryptographers, demand a ransom for the decryption of files on the computers of victims were to get the miners of cryptocurrencies (most frequently mined cryptocurrency Monero or zcash for). So, in one case, the attackers have earned over the last three months, over 63 thousand dollars.

In Russia and in the world in recent time has seen a rapid growth of interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies working on this technology. A number of countries have opened their markets to cryptocurrencies, however, the Russian authorities are wary of this issue. CBR is not only against payments in the cryptocurrency, but also against equating them to foreign currencies, seeing them as signs of «financial pyramids». The attraction of investments in the form of sales of new cryptocurrencies (ICO), according to the regulator should be guided by the principle of initial public offerings (IPO), possibly in a somewhat simplified version.