Helsinki will host the European Union’s largest conference of startups

© 2017 AFP / Lehtikuva/Vesa MoilanenВ HelsinkiHelsinki will host the European Union’s largest conference of startups© AFP 2017 / Lehtikuva/Vesa Moilanen

The largest conference of startups in the European Union Slush will open in Helsinki on Tuesday with a discussion of the music industry, the event was called Slush Music and will bring together experts in this field from more than 50 countries, according to the website of the organizers.

«The main issues will be the consumption, distribution, licensing, selling music in the modern world, the impact of welfare on the music, invest in music startups» — such words are included in the description of the event.

The organizers report that the interest in Slush Music has already shown more than 2,5 thousand investors, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts from the scope of the music industry more than 50 countries.

The participants of the discussions stated Chris Barton — founder Shazam service, Tracy Gardner — head of digital direction, Warner Music Group, Stefan Roselle — Director of the Bauer Media Group, Olivier Robert-Murphy, head of Universal Music Group, Lauri Kivinen — the General Director of Finnish state broadcasting company YLE, Julie Knibbe — head of service Deezer, Joan Lanz — the head of Sony Music International, Eva Madsen — Director, Spotify, and many others.

Slush Music will last two days and will be the event «precedes» the opening of the conference startups Slush, which will begin on Thursday.

Slush is the largest conference of startups and investors of the European Union, held in Helsinki from 30 November to 1 December. This year the main speakers Slush declared the President of the largest Internet company in the world Tencent, the superior capitalization of Facebook, Martin Lau; former Vice-President of the United States, and now investor, a member of Apple’s Board of Directors — Alex Gore; chief Executive officer of the American stock exchange, Nasdaq adena Friedman, President of Samsung Electronics — Yang Sleep and other. In the event of 2016, according to organizers, was attended by 2.3 million startups, 1.1 thousand investors, 610 journalists, 17.5 thousand visitors from 120 countries.