In Estonia started large-scale cyberscene NATO

© AFP 2017 / Pool/Virginia Mamosta-NATO apartment. Archival photoIn Estonia started large-scale cyberscene NATO© AFP 2017 / Pool/Virginia Mayo

Large-scale cyberscene NATO Cyber Coalition on Tuesday began in Estonia on the basis of Tartu joint military education institution, announced the Main staff of the defence forces of the Republic.

«In the exercise Cyber Coalition involved more than 700 experts on information technology, specialists in law, government officials from 25 countries of NATO, the European Union and four partner countries of the Alliance: Finland, Sweden, Ireland, Switzerland… About 100 employees, approximately 600 are located in different countries», — stated in the message.

The purpose of the exercise, which will conclude on Friday, is to test the abilities of NATO countries and Alliance partners to counter cyber attacks, and improving cooperation between experts at national and international levels.

According to the head of the exercise, Lieutenant Colonel andrés Kowska, in addition to problems in computer networking, the participants must resist the attacks on public communication systems, industrial systems, as well as various systems military control.

«Of course, the exercise gives the realism that the members and partners of NATO solve problems in their countries,» said Kuusk.

Estonia is a NATO member since 2004. In Estonia, the Cyber Coalition exercises are held for the fifth time.

In Estonia started large-scale cyberscene NATO© RIA Novosti, Integratiebeleid in photobacteria NATO expansion