In St. Petersburg will open the center of a name of Dmitry Likhachev

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Danceparty in fotobanka Petersburg. Archival photoIn St. Petersburg will open the center of a name of Dmitry Likhachev© RIA Novosti / Alexei Danceparty the image Bank

The center of a name of academician Dmitry Likhachev will open on Tuesday at the Rumyantsev mansion on the English embankment in St. Petersburg, according to the office of the Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg — head of administration of Governor Alexander Govorunova.

Russian scientist-literary critic and public figure, academician Dmitry Sergeyevich Likhachov was born on November 28 (November 15, old style) 1906 in St. Petersburg. The opening of the center is timed to the birthday of academician.

«The center presents a memorial exhibition devoted to the main stages of life and activities of Dmitry Likhachev, an outstanding philologist, historian of Russian literature, social activist, defender of cultural values of our country, gradozaschitnitsa, so much for the historical preservation of St. Petersburg», — stated in the message.

It is planned that the center will host meetings, recitals, conferences and round tables devoted to problems of preservation of cultural and historical heritage of Russia, spiritual and moral education, respect for the environment.

According to State Museum of history of St. Petersburg, a memorial exhibition center will be presented documents, books and personal belongings of Dmitry Likhachev, to relatives of the scientist in the Museum.

«Here you can see a Desk and chair from the home office of Dmitry Likhachev, doctoral robes at Oxford and Charles universities, certificate senior researcher in the specialty of «Philology» (1949), diploma of doctor of Philology (1948), medal «For defense of Leningrad» and «For valiant labor in the great Patriotic war 1941-1945», the icon «the people’s Deputy of the USSR» (1989). As well as numerous photos,» — stated in the message.

The exhibition also presents photos of children, portraits of his parents, wife, daughters and grandchildren. Among them are a portrait of 1929, which Likhachev with his parents and brother Yuri during a meeting in Solovki. Also on display portraits Likhachev made in the period from late 1940s to 1990s years. «D. S. Likhachev spoke with many outstanding people of his time. The photographs 1980-1990-ies of the academician is depicted with the writers V. G. Rasputin and the D. A. by Granini, historian L. N. Gumilev, literary critic Iurii Lotman. Unique photo taken in 1986 at the Vatican on the meeting of D. S. Likhachev with Pope John Paul II,» — noted in the Museum.

Dmitry Likhachev (1906-1999) was an outstanding scientist-linguist, cultural anthropologist, art historian, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Author of about 500 scientific and many journalistic works. Made a significant contribution to the study of ancient literature and art. Throughout the years of his activities he was an active advocate of culture, propagandist of morality and spirituality.