In the Novgorod region began the test due to the outbreak of pneumonia in schoolchildren

© RIA Novosti / barbarian Gertaera in photobacteria. Archival photoIn the Novgorod region began the test due to the outbreak of pneumonia in schoolchildren© RIA Novosti / barbarian Gertaera the image Bank

Because of the high incidence of pupils of the Novgorod region pneumonia, the Prosecutor’s office will check to see how full preventive measures are taken by CPS, as well as educational institutions in the region, according to the regional Supervisory authority.

«Due to continued… a high incidence of community-acquired forms of pneumonia, schools… organized check of completeness by the office of Rospotrebnadzor and its territorial bodies of the measures of compliance of educational institutions with the requirements of sanitary-epidemiological legislation in the implementation of preventive and restrictive measures (quarantine), as well as enforcement bodies and institutions of health legislation on health protection of minors, in part the proper operation of the school health workers, organizations providing timely assistance to the sick», — stated in the message.

As informs on Monday regional Department of Rospotrebnadzor in Novgorod region «has a tendency» to reduce the incidence of pneumonia. According from 20 to 26 November in the region was 186 cases of the disease, the incidence rate per 100 thousand of the population was 30.2, which is 1.7 times below the level of the previous week (330 cases).

«In the age structure of cases of predominant child population – 69% (128 cases), from among which the greatest proportion of school-age children from 7 to 14 years (68 cases). Hospitalization was required in 58% of cases of the number of registered diseases», — informs Rospotrebnadzor.