Krasnoyarsk schools have sent help in wartime

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Panayotounakos views of the city. Archival photoKrasnoyarsk schools have sent help in wartime© RIA Novosti / Alexander Paniotov

Schools of Krasnoyarsk region has sent recommendations to translation schools for war-time conditions, however, the document was intended only for departmental use and will not lead to changes in the educational process, reported RIA Novosti the representative of the Ministry of education of the region Hope Kvitkovskay.

Earlier in Krasnoyarsk the media, a scan of a document, signed by the acting Minister of education of the region Svetlana Makovsky. It contains a request to the municipal offices of education bring to educational institutions methodical recommendations about the organization of educational process in schools when transferring to the wartime conditions.

«Mobilization is defined by the legislation of the Russian Federation. This is a planning document and should not cause any concern. The document was intended for internal use. The investigation is carried out, how and through what channels he went beyond the office,» said Kvitkovskay.

Deputy Chairman of legislative Assembly of Krasnoyarsk region Alexey Kleshko on the page in social network Facebook announced that each state has its own plans of action in case of emergency situations, including mobilization.

«The existence of such plans — a pledge of coordinated action in the interests of security of citizens. They are developed in and for large organizations and enterprises: what do managers in an emergency, how to protect people, how to organize the work in a new environment. In the education system of the region — hundreds of thousands of children, and the government must think about their safety», — is spoken in the message.

He also noted that the educational process is the document is irrelevant, and the document was intended for internal use only.