MEPs will visit the prison of the Catalan ex-Ministers

© RIA Novosti / Javier to Longobardi in fotoannunci rally in defense of the independence of Catalonia in Barcelona. 11 Nov 2017MEPs will visit the prison of the Catalan ex-Ministers© RIA Novosti / Javier to Logopedisti the image Bank

A delegation of 17 members of the European Parliament representing the green faction of the radical left, the liberal Democrats and the European conservatives, in the coming weeks will arrive in Spain to visit jailed ex-members of the government of Catalonia, told RIA Novosti the initiative group.

«They (members of the EP – ed.) will visit the prison, where the Catalan political prisoners held after the recent referendum and Declaration of independence by the Parliament of Catalonia», — said the Agency interlocutor. According to her, members of the EP consider it necessary their release from custody, and providing guarantees for the return of those who went abroad.

According to the results held in Catalonia on 1 October referendum which have been declared illegal by the Constitutional court of Spain, the Catalan Parliament on 27 October adopted a resolution on independence. An hour later, the Spanish Senate approved the introduction of direct rule of the Spanish authorities in Catalonia. Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy announced the suspension from office of members of the government of the autonomy, including the head of the Carles Pokdemon, the dissolution of the Parliament of the Autonomous community and the holding of early elections in Catalonia on December 21.

Judge of the National court of Spain on 2 November ordered to put up to consideration of the merits in custody without the right of bail eight former members of the government of Catalonia, including the former Deputy head of Generalitat Oriola of Junkers. The next day she issued a warrant for the arrest Pokdemon and other former members of the Catalan government, located in Brussels. The Prosecutor’s office in Brussels demanded that Spain Pokdemon and other former members of his government. New court meeting in Brussels scheduled for December 4th.

MEPs will visit the prison of the Catalan ex-MinistersThe confrontation between Madrid and Barcelona