Putin will meet with winners of the contest «family of the year»

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Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet with winners of the contest «family of the year» and will be discussed at the meeting of the coordination Council of netstrategy of action for children, reported the press service of the head of state.

«The twenty-eighth of November Vladimir Putin will meet with families-winners of the Russian contest «family of the year». Later in the day, the President will take part in the final meeting of the coordinating Council under the President on the implementation of the national strategy of actions in interests of children for 2012-2017″, — stated in the message.

During the meeting the participants will discuss a wide range of problems in the sphere of childhood, and will summarize the work of the coordinating Council over the last five years.

The coordinating Council was established in September 2012 to ensure interoperability of the various authorities at all levels, as well as public and scientific organizations in the implementation of the national strategy of actions in interests of children. The Council drafts proposals for the President on priority areas of the national policy for children. The coordinating Council is headed by the Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko.

Family of the year

Solemn rewarding of winners of the national competition «family of the year» was held on 24 November in Moscow. The event was organized by the Fund supporting children in difficult life situations, and the Ministry of labour and social protection of the Russian Federation.

In total the competition received 322 applications. The winners were chosen in five nominations: «the Large family», «Young family», «the rural family», «Family — guardian», «the Golden family of Russia».

The decision of the organizing Committee approved the list of families-winners of the national contest, including 85 families.

The decade of childhood

In late may, President Vladimir Putin signed a decree making in the Russian Federation «the Decade of childhood».

«To improve state policy in the sphere of childhood protection, taking into account the results achieved during the implementation of the national strategy of actions in interests of children for 2012-2017 years, I decree: to declare 2018-2027 years in the Russian Federation «the Decade of childhood», — stated in the decree.

The President also instructed the government to approve a plan of action to 2020, conducted in the framework of the program.

Several agencies have already offered their events, which are the major events of the decade.

In particular, the Ministry of health proposes to include in the plan the prevention of abortion and abandonment of babies, to strengthen prevention paediatric services, to implement a modern model of rendering medical aid to children in educational institutions in all regions of the country, expand the national immunization schedule by vaccine and rotavirus Haemophilus influenzae, and varicella.

In addition, earlier in mass media appeared information that in 2019, Russia can see a social card for children’s products. For each child proposed for 2 thousand rubles a month, the program is designed to support families and Russian producers.

It was also reported earlier that Russian Ministry of labor offers to give out free kits for babies, they will the mother of a newborn when you leave the hospital.

The Ministry of education, in turn, prepares a number of amendments to family law-related issues of custody and parental rights.

In turn, in September the experts of the Russian popular front (onf) has prepared and submitted to the government of the Russian Federation proposals on the implementation of the «Decade for childhood»; in particular, they propose to reduce to 16 years of age to receive a driver’s license and permit from this age to take out loans for entrepreneurial activities.

The onf also development of measures for attracting and development of NGOs working with children, for example, in the work plan for the prevention of child and adolescent suicide, psychological support for teenagers in difficult life situation etc.

The curriculum experts are supplemented by lessons devoted to the education of ecological culture of cybersecurity, as well as the lessons of kindness, which will bring up tolerant attitude towards people with disabilities, other cultures and nationalities.