Russia became the leader on volume of remittances to Moldova

© Sputnik / Miroslav RotariRussia became the leader on volume of remittances to Moldova© Sputnik / Miroslav Rotari

Remittances from abroad to Moldova continues to grow. According to statistics posted on the official website of the national Bank of the Republic, the net volume of Bank transfers from abroad in favor of individuals exceeded 116 million dollars. Thus, in comparison with the previous year growth amounted to 19%, according to Sputnik Moldova.

For arrivals from Russia to total share of remittances constitute more than one third of transfers. Remittances from Russia made up by the end of October this year 39,42 million dollars.

«In the distribution by country of origin of the transfers in favor of individuals, the main partner of the Republic of Moldova are Russian Federation», — stated in the message of the national Bank.

In the first three remain Israel and Italy, where in Moldova received 18,53 million and $ 10.7 million, respectively. From the United States in the country moved a little more than seven million dollars. The leading five is concluded by Germany, which sent more than five million dollars.

Specialists of the national Bank noted that cash transfers in favor of natural persons via Moldovan banks are not only income from labor migrants, but also include pensions, salary and other monetary transfers.

Moldovan economic experts emphasize that remittances help the economy stay afloat. Most of the income from abroad on the rural population. Official statistics confirm that a significant part of their income consists of remittances from abroad.