The finalists of the contest «You’re super!» will meet with Santa Claus in Kazan

© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petliurite in fotobanka show You super!. Archival photoThe finalists of the contest «You’re super!» will meet with Santa Claus in Kazan© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petliurite the image Bank

The finalists of the children’s vocal contest «You’re super!» Valeria Adleiba said, Fighters Evgeny and Kirill Esin 30 November to meet with Santa Claus in Kazan in the framework of the festival «Good wave» with producer Igor Krutoy.

The festival «Good wave» will be a platform for all talented children, regardless of the limitations of their physical health. They will get the opportunity to sing favorite songs together with Russian pop stars.

Leading the gala concert will be Alexander Oleshko. Participants of social projects, NTV will meet at the same stage, to give a sense of celebration for all residents and visitors of the city. TV version of the concert, viewers will be able to see in the first days of the new year.

«The journey of Santa Claus with NTV» lasts for about a month, Kazan will become the fifteenth city on the travel map. Santa Claus will travel to Tatarstan together with the Director General of the TV company Alexey Zemsky, a leading NTV program «Housing problem» Tatiana Gramont and a star of the Russian Boxing Rostislav Plechko. In the capital of the region Grandfather frost and the team of NTV will appreciate the gifts the boys in the rehabilitation center, will fulfill the cherished desire of the pupils of the Kazan children’s home-school №11 and the orphanage «Trust.»

Follow the Journey of father Frost through the cities of Russia in a special section of the NTV programme «Business morning» and «Today.»

International contest «You’re super! Dance», conducted by the NTV and the international news Agency and radio Sputnik, will bring together talent from different corners of Russia and CIS countries and Baltic States and will give children the chance to fulfill their dreams.