The second launch from the Baikonur East will be held November 28

© Photo : Roskomdragmet space application (ILV) Soyuz-2.1 b, which start on 28 November 2017, installed in the launching system of the Vostochny space centreThe second launch from the Baikonur East will be held November 28© Photo : Roscosmos

Rocket launch «Soyuz-2.1 b» with hydro meteorological satellite «meteor-M» №2-1, student satellite «Baumanets-2» and nanoaperture scheduled from the Baikonur East in the Amur region on Tuesday, 28 November; the second in the history of the cosmodrome start to take place in 14.41 local time (08.41 MSK).

The first launch from the spaceport under construction since 2012, were held on 28 April 2016. Then rocket «Soyuz-2.1 a» with the new block removal «Volga» delivered into orbit by the Russian spacecraft «AIST-2D», science, Moscow state University satellite «Mikhail Lomonosov» and nanosatellite SamSat-218Д.

High-tech cargo

«Meteor-M» №2-1 — the third Sputnik space groups «meteor-3M», designed for emergency monitoring, climate monitoring and weather forecasting. In addition, these satellites can assess conditions for aviation.

Using the apparatus will be obtained global and local image of the clouds at the Earth’s surface, ice and snow cover in different bands. The data that you will obtain the satellite will help to determine the temperature on the surface of the seas, the distribution of temperature and humidity in the Earth’s atmosphere and will allow to estimate the components of the radiation balance of the system «Earth-atmosphere».

Information from «Meteor-M» №2 will get 150 ice, land and sea platforms data collection system. A device for scanning cloud and ice cover, as well as Fourier spectrometer for the study of the temperature and the humidity of the atmosphere will be able to «see» the plots of Land with a width of about 3 thousand kilometers.

Also on orbit, will travel «Baumanets-2» — the device was developed by students of Moscow state technical University and was commissioned by the University to NPO Mashinostroyenia. According to information from open sources on Board has a camera resolution of 18 to 36 meters, small laser propulsion system with low energy consumption, designed for experimental testing, and computational equipment for experiments, including for testing electronic components of the circuitry on the radiation resistance.

East will also travel Vantage LEO — constellation of small satellites, which should begin in 2021, AISSat — series of the Norwegian satellite monitoring of the seas, IDEA — satellites analyses the state of air cover, used NASA and NOAA (oceanic and atmospheric administration) and SEAM — apparatus for the study of magnetic and electric fields of Earth’s magnetosphere created by a consortium of eight companies from Sweden, Germany, Ukraine, USA, Denmark, Hungary and Italy.

Special security measures

Security is the second launch from the new spaceport will provide about 400 people and 85 pieces of equipment and four helicopters, in addition, on the eve of the launch will be introduced the mode of increased readiness for all services of the Amur region territorial subsystem of prevention and liquidation of emergency situations, announced on the eve of the Amur centre of civil protection and fire safety.

The approximate area of the falling steps of the Zeya and Tynda areas of the Amur region, a discharge step and where they fall will be to track the drones and helicopters Amur airbase, based on the airfields of the cities of Zeya, Tynda and Free.

In addition, as told RIA Novosti the head of the Zeya district of the Amur region Andrey Larichkin, employees artisanal gold mining and meteorologists in the area of fall of the detachable pieces of the rocket, before start-up evacuate.

«On Monday, evacuating three miners last year before the first historic launch from the East we evacuated around 30 miners, but then it was April and the season. The people we were sent to a safe place — see the settlements Dipkun and Coast. This year in Tynda district meteopost evacuate three people in Dipkun take. People roughly have to evacuate for a day. We have brought the information that the launch on 28 November at 14.41 (08.41 MSK)» — said lozhechkin RIA Novosti.

Increased attention on the part of the animal world

To see the start will be from four sites on the Federal highway «Amur» or two in Szymanowska district and two in Svobodnensky. several hundred cars can stay parked at a distance of 55 kilometers from the spaceport. In addition, the Parking lots will be equipped with devices with the cosmic power (previously it could only be found in the Museum of the cosmodrome).

It is expected that among the observers of the start of this year will be a lot of animals — according to the staff of the cosmodrome, close to the start of the table are the wolf trail. As told RIA Novosti senior consultant of Department on protection of fauna of the Amur region Maxim Bormotov, the constant trails of wolves is usually used in deep snow to save energy when traveling.

«In fact, the cosmodrome is very large, on some objects there are people on some not. For the wolves, it remains a forest, while forage base for predator, wild boar, ROE deer, Manchurian deer, hare, there, the beast will not leave,» — said Bormotov.

The second launch from the Baikonur East will be held November 28© RIA to Novoshepelychi fotomancer in the beginning of the space age of chelovechestvom also said that of wolves in the Amur region «more than normal». «That is, the abundance of the predator we need to always be artificially adjusted to encourage hunters to shoot with a payout according to a special program but now this program does not work», — he added.

Also on-site accommodation camp at the launch site there are a lot of puppies, the staff fed them with milk. But the fate of the black cat who lived beside the starting table for the first start, the staff of the spaceport is not known.

«The cat was taken to Tsiolkovsky (science city near the Vostochny space centre), where he is now is unknown. Then on the launch pad worked for hundreds of people, it is difficult to say where is the cat. Hard to say, and where he came from, came himself or brought», — told RIA Novosti interviewed staff of the cosmodrome.

The second launch from the Baikonur East will be held November 28© Integratiecentrum East