The upper stage «Fregat» has separated from the Soyuz rocket after launch from the East

© Photo : Roskomdragmet space application (ILV) Soyuz-2.1 b. Archive photoThe upper stage «Fregat» has separated from the Soyuz rocket after launch from the East© Photo : Roscosmos

The upper stage «Fregat» with hydro meteorological satellite remote sensing of the Earth «meteor-M» №2-1, the student’s device «Baumanets-2» and 17 foreign nano-satellites separated from the rocket «Soyuz-2.1 b» was launched on Tuesday from the cosmodrome East, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

«There is a separation of the upper stage from the third stage of the carrier rocket,» said the commentator launch on the launch pad.

«Meteor-M» № 2-1 — satellite hydrometeorological support. With it will be obtained the global and local images of clouds at the Earth’s surface, ice and snow cover in different bands. The data that you will obtain the satellite will help to determine the temperature on the surface of the seas, the distribution of temperature and humidity in the Earth’s atmosphere and will allow to estimate the components of the radiation balance of the system «Earth-atmosphere».

The release of «Meteor» into the calculated orbit height 825,5 km planned at 9.42 GMT.

In addition, orbit will display ten devices monitoring marine vessels LEMUR, two American agricultural satellite monitoring of water and land management Landmapper-BC and German experimental apparatus for the creation of Amateur radio services D-StarOne.

The last unit must be separated from the upper stage «Fregat» at 12.54 GMT, after which the upper stage is flooded in the Pacific ocean approximately 14.17 GMT.