Volker explained how trump wants to solve the Ukrainian question

© REUTERS / Valentyn Adhesiometer of the US state Department in Ukraine Kurt Volker. Archival photoVolker explained how trump wants to solve the Ukrainian question© REUTERS / Valentyn Ogirenko

The President of the United States Donald trump wants Ukraine back «its territory», said the representative of the state Department in Ukraine Kurt Volker in an interview with Politico.

According to Volcker, to improve relations between Washington and Moscow in negotiations you need to move forward. At the same time, the United States would like to see «more constructive» and progress on the Ukrainian issue.

According to the diplomat, Donald trump hopes to achieve peace. «He wants to see this situation resolved. He wants Ukraine back its territory,» said Walker.

«Step back»

According to Volcker, the latest talks with Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov, held in Belgrade in mid-November, were «a retrograde step». The diplomat noted that it may be associated not with Ukraine but with the General state of Russian-American relations.

«Perhaps this is due to the lack of bilateral meetings between President Putin and President trump (in Vietnam on the sidelines of the APEC summit — ed.)», — said Walker.

The special envoy of the us state Department has accused Russia of obstructing the normalization of relations with the United States and noted that the prospects for peace in Ukraine remain extremely vague. «That’s what the President always says: «We would like to get along with Russia.» But what makes Russia really that difficult,» said Walker.

Decision on lethal weapons yet

Commenting on the issue of supply by Washington of lethal weapons to Ukraine, Walker said that the White house had not yet taken a decision. Thus, according to the diplomat, the arguments of Moscow that arms supplies provoke an exacerbation, are not significant. «I don’t see any arguments why the case of Ukraine should be special, why do we not do this, especially when they are actively trying to protect its territory», — he said.

Kiev is seeking Washington to supply lethal weapons over the last three years. Now, the United States provides military assistance to Ukraine, but officially only in the form of uniforms, equipment and training for soldiers of the national guard.

Meeting Surkov and Walker in Belgrade was the third in a row. The first was held in August in Minsk, the parties then called her very useful and constructive, hinting at the «fresh approaches» to the settlement in the Donbass. The second in October in Belgrade where, according to the press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov, «was the reconciliation of hours, exchanged views on the current situation.»

Volker explained how trump wants to solve the Ukrainian questionThe implementation of the Minsk agreements