According to pike: speculators inflated the price of eggs

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Krasnoukhova in fotobanka for the production of red caviarAccording to pike: speculators inflated the price of eggs© RIA Novosti / Sergey Krasnoukhova the image Bank

The sharp rise in prices of red and pike caviar is a fait accompli. Delicacy, without which the vast majority of Russians can’t imagine new year’s feast, over the past few weeks has risen to opt for 40-50 per cent and retail up to 30. Experts do not exclude that speculative price increases in December will continue.

First to feel the increase of the prices for caviar far Eastern residents. At the end of last week on local markets, this product was worth a third more expensive — about 5,5-6 thousand rubles per kilogram. This is due, in particular, increased demand for caviar in Japan, where she started her delivery. The result is a lower supply on the domestic market and higher prices.

Everything seems to be logical. This week, however, after the red caviar is almost two times rose and pike. For a jar weighing in at 112 grams, which recently could be bought for 230 rubles, and now will have to pay from 400 to 500, which is about four thousand rubles per kilogram.

Some experts blame speculators, because other explanations of the situation in the market, they have. The results of the «red Putin» in 2017 is quite satisfactory and, therefore, not to have a deficit. A similar situation — and with caviar pike. Her last ten years mined about 500 tons per year.

The Ministry recalled that in the 2014-2015 year produced 11 thousand tons of salmon caviar. In 2016, was recorded a decline of 7.1% to 10.5 thousand tons. For the first nine months of 2017, production growth amounted to 4.1 per cent to 12 thousand tons. Thus by 4.8% to 65,66 tons, decreased export product.

«Analysis of the current price situation «Natsrybresurs» shows that the average growth of prices for salmon ROE for the year was in the regions of production of about 40 percent,» — stated in Roskomrybolovstvo.

As one of the factors destabilizing the prices in the domestic market, according to representatives of agencies that can serve the changing geography of fisheries salmonids in the far East: volume of production on Sakhalin are being reduced and on the Kamchatka Peninsula increased.

As a result, market participants have to find new counterparties and to change the logistics of delivery of fish and caviar. This can lead to local growth of wholesale prices for the latter, however, objective reasons for its abrupt price hike in the present time, I believe in the Department.

«From August to December traditionally there has been a significant growth of prices for eggs — from 20 to 100 percent. While the retail price during this period change insignificantly. After the holidays there is a reduction in the demand for caviar and the decline in prices», — stated in the reply of Roskomrybolovstvo.

Give me a complaints book

It is remarkable that the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) in the situation yet does not interfere. Deputy head of Department, We Petrosian in comments to RIA Novosti explained by the fact that no complaints on increase in prices of eggs, no other reliable information on the situation in this sphere in the office had not received.

«It should be noted that prices on food products, including fish products, are largely determined by the ratio of supply and demand depend on market conditions and decisions making by market participants. In the case of complaints or any other information allowing to draw conclusions about the presence of signs of violations of the FAS will take all measures prescribed by law», — said Petrosyan.

Senior researcher at the Institute for applied economic research the Russian Academy of national economy Vadim Novikov reminded that the factors affecting the price of any product on the market, is not only the supply but the demand. Has no understanding of what happens to demand, to claim that the price rise blame the speculators is incorrect, the expert reminded.

According to Novikov, the desire of market participants to make more money doesn’t explain why it was in November, ROE rose sharply. Another thing — the change in demand before Christmas. «I would suggest that the rise in prices was influenced by seasonality,» — said Novikov.

According to her, domestic companies can really take advantage of the situation and to increase exports to Japan, where production of the delicacy this year decreased by 40 percent. There now you can earn a lot of money, recognizes the analyst.

However, in Russia because of too high price of caviar is almost inevitable the failure of the sales, says Bodrov. And it will happen in the so-called high season, when consumers buy products for the Christmas table.

Because of the greed of manufacturers Russians with low and middle income, sensitive to less sharp rise in prices, will be forced to abandon this product. In the end, it will remain unused in warehouses and store shelves and can go bad elementary, the analyst believes.

This risk really is the shelf life of caviar in banks — one year in vacuumed plastic containers — up to five months in wooden barrels with the use of preservatives to eight months and two months.