Condition admitted to a hospital in Lipetsk schoolboys stabilized

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Lipetsk state of the seven students who were hospitalized, presumably, after the change I listened apps on phones have stabilized, according to the city administration.

Earlier it was reported that at about 14.00 MSK environment seven disciples 8 «G» class of school №49 of Lipetsk became ill after listening apps on mobile phones. According to the emergency management area, children complained of headache, tinnitus, dizziness. The school was called five ambulances, five girls and two boys were taken to the toxicology Department of the regional children’s hospital.

«According to latest information, the status of children has stabilized. In the next few hours they will remain under the supervision of physicians. After a comprehensive examination students will be allowed to go home», — stated in the message of the city hall.

According to her, the children complained of nausea and headache, and arrived on the scene, the ambulance doctors diagnosed them with high blood pressure. The incident reasons are found out by experts of the territorial administration of Rospotrebnadzor, who are currently working in an educational institution.

«The Prosecutor’s office of area together with office of public Prosecutor of the Soviet district of Lipetsk checks for the next message in the media about admission students of school No. 49, allegedly again related to the impact of a mobile application», — said, in turn the Supervisory authority.

A similar case occurred on 24 November in the secondary school №35 of the village Sselki in Lipetsk. GUMCHS on region has informed that during class students fifth class was bad, they felt nausea and dizziness. Medicaid took 28 students. Specialists in, among others, are working on a version of the children’s exposure to ultrasound from the mobile app, which downloaded some students.