In Japan on a desert island found a wooden boat and seven people

© Fotolia / mastercylinderМыс Kamui on the island of Hokkaido, Japan. archival photoIn Japan on a desert island found a wooden boat and seven people© Fotolia / mastercylinder

Wooden boat, whose identity is not yet established, and seven were discovered by the security service on the sea of Japan on a small deserted island near Hokkaido, said broadcaster NHK.

The boat was found by a helicopter service during patrols. She went to the Bay Islands Macumazana, and on the island from the helicopter managed to find seven people. Helicopter of the TV station also went to the area and saw a boat in the sea, but with my anchor. The ship managed to count five people.

Accessory boat set. In appearance it is very similar to fishing boats, which are used in North Korea.

For the last week off the coast of Japan repeatedly found boats from North Korea. In one case, the fishermen said that after the failure of the motor carried them into the sea and washed up on the shores of Japan, they expressed a desire to return home. In several instances, boats were found only the remains.

The security service of the sea finding out the origin and ownership of the boat.