In Moscow opened an exhibition dedicated to the 125th anniversary of Marina Tsvetaeva

© Photo : the House-Museum of Marina Tsvetaeva Tsvetaevskaia, 1914-1915 Archive photoIn Moscow opened an exhibition dedicated to the 125th anniversary of Marina Tsvetaeva© Photo : the House-Museum of Marina Tsvetaeva

The exhibition «Where is my home?» for the 125th anniversary of Marina Tsvetaeva on Tuesday opened the house-Museum of the poet in Borisoglebsky lane, to visit an exhibition from November 30.

The anniversary exhibition is the main business of life Tsvetaeva – her service of the word, a visual monument which has remained its literary heritage and manuscript archive. The exposition tells about the poet, analyst and philosopher of language, raised in the practice of poetry to the theory of knowledge, composition and shorthand is based on the vertex the product of a poetic way Tsvetaeva — her «poem of the Air».

«It is very gratifying that today, in fact, be the final stage for this wonderful Museum is the opening of the exhibition, which is very original, interesting in its idea and the objects that it presents, which tells the story of this remarkable poet,» — said at the opening of the exhibition on Tuesday, the Moscow government Minister, head of the Department of culture of Moscow Alexander Kibovsky.

The Minister noted that along with the classical exposition presenting original things, original touch of the exhibition was a combination of media.

«Of course, is very interesting, very informative and for this exhibition has done enormous research work, deciphered for the first time, some drafts, and they, too, will be presented in the future and in electronic form, that is, the work and after the exhibition will be with us, because this is a huge contribution to the study of creativity and heritage of this amazing genius of Russian literature», — said Kibovsky.

The Minister added that the exhibition provided materials Archive of literature and art, Literary Museum and other Moscow museums. «Helped significant exhibits are not only original, but also giving those materials to a media component, it is very is a different combination of Museum any findings, Chronicles, various installations and original items, unfortunately, very little is preserved (genuine items) for objective reasons, but, in General, all that can be collected are presented here. In General, the exhibition includes over 300 items, this is a huge amount, believe me, there are very few of these relics,» — said Kibovsky.

The Minister also stressed that any person who comes to the exhibition will be «much surprised». «A lot of new here in this exhibition. And I am pleased that we have this anniversary year is celebrated with dignity,» concluded Kibovsky.