In Moscow will open the exhibition «Master of dance»

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Mackinderite in fotoracconti folk dance ensemble named after Igor Moiseev. Archival photoIn Moscow will open the exhibition «Master of dance»© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Mackinderite the image Bank

Anniversary exhibition «Master of dance» dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the State academic folk dance ensemble them. Igor Moiseyev, will open at the Museum of contemporary history of Russia; costumes, photographs, unpublished manuscripts and other materials will allow to acquaint visitors with the works of one of the brightest choreographers of the twentieth century, told RIA Novosti press-service of the Museum.

The Vernissage will be held on November 29. For General public the exhibition will be open from 30 November to 14 January. After completion of the work in Moscow, the exhibition will be presented in London London at Somerset House.

Exhibition materials will tell you how events of the twentieth century gave impetus to the birth of the rhythms and patterns of the choreographic masterpieces of the «master of dance» as he called Moses. Used in the project multimedia technology will enable visitors to feel themselves to be artists on stage, and also to go backstage and witness the rehearsal process. Creative maze creates a series of installations created by the curators Vanya Bowden and Alexander by Barmenkova in five halls of the Museum.

The exhibition will feature original costumes, donated by the ensemble during expeditions in the country and tours abroad: Slovak, Czardas, tatarochka, Uzbek, Russian and others.

You can also see the unpublished manuscript of the master and the photographic materials telling about the history of the performances and to feel the atmosphere, which developed ensemble.

Large-scale multimedia exhibition «Master of dance» — close event to close the anniversary year, world-renowned ensemble. This is the first exhibition project devoted to the legacy of the famous choreographer. Igor Moiseyev has created a collective folk dance (first rehearsal Moiseeva was held on 19 February 1937) but managed to create theater, on the scale is not inferior to the big musical theaters of the country.