In Moscow will open the photo exhibition «Russia. The territory of the present»

© Photo : Ian Landsberg|StenincontestВыставка works of the best photographers. Archive photoIn Moscow will open the photo exhibition «Russia. The territory of the present»© Photo : Ian Landsberg|Stenincontest

A Photo Exhibition «Russia. The territory of the present» in the exhibition which includes the works of the winners of the largest photographic competitions in the world — photographers MIA «Russia today», which traveled all over the country, to create a collective image will open in the Metropolitan Museum of contemporary history of Russia on Wednesday, reported the press service of the MIA «Russia today».

The geography of stories and portraits, genre sketches and ethnics from the photographers Agency will cover almost the entire territory of Russia from Murmansk to Kamchatka, from Sochi to Orenburg. Sections of the project will represent the territory in which the Russian «Silicon valley» city of the future Innopolis is adjacent to the futuristic beauty of the Altai mountains, where the history of creation of the Orenburg shawl suddenly ends the fashion catwalk and the unique natural landscapes create ideal conditions for lovers of water surfing in Kamchatka and fans cateringa snow in Siberia.

History and destiny, traditional crafts and extreme sports, science and technology, people and their habitat have become chapters of the photo story «Russia. The territory of the present».

The exhibition will be premiered and the network is the flagship site of the MIA «Russia today» HYPERLINK «» On the web project will appear in the summer.

Among the authors of the project — laureates of the photographic «Oscar», prize World Press Photo Mr Vyatkin and Mr Song, holders of prestigious awards from The Best of Photojournalism, Sony World Photography Award, Picture of the Year, International Photography Awards, Sportfolio Festival Ilya Pitalev, Alexey Filippov, Vladimir Astapkovich, Grigory Sysoev, and many others. The exhibition is open to visitors during Museum hours from Tuesday to Sunday.

The photo Department of the MIA «Russia today» is one of the fastest growing divisions of the Agency. It combines the best personnel and resources, allowing you to create new trends in photojournalism and delivers 1,000 shots per day in formats for print, web and social networks, with descriptions, in accordance with international standards IPTC. Developed by Agency specialists unique system operational fotofiesta «Blitz» allows you 90 seconds to deliver to the Bank the frame meta-data, which is an absolute record among all world agencies.

The exhibition will be held from 29 November to 24 December.