In the DPRK, spoke about the capabilities of missiles launched

© REUTERS / Kim Hong-Translate news in Seoul about a new missile launch of the DPRK. 29 Nov 2017In the DPRK, spoke about the capabilities of missiles launched© REUTERS / Kim Hong-J

North Korean ballistic missile «And 15» capable of carrying «an extra-large heavy nuclear warhead». This is stated in the message of Embassy of the DPRK in Moscow, placed at the disposal of RIA Novosti.

«Hwaseong-15» can reach any point on the U.S. mainland.

The Embassy also talked about the development and development of the North Korean strategic weapons. This is done to protect the country’s sovereignty and its territorial integrity from the «policy of nuclear blackmail and nuclear threats from States,» and also for «the peaceful life of the people.»

«We once again solemnly declare that it will not pose a threat to all countries and regions until they are violated the interests of our state», — stated in the message.

The launch took place in the night of Wednesday at 03:18 local time (21:18 GMT on Tuesday). The flight altitude amounted to 4475 miles, the range is about 950 kilometers. The rocket fell in the exclusive economic zone of Japan, 250 kilometers from Aomori Prefecture.

Pyongyang said that the test did not threaten the security of neighboring countries. DPRK leader Kim Jong-UN personally supervised the launch and gave it a high rating. According to him, the country has reached «a historic success in completing nuclear weapons state.»

Military of the United States, Japan and South Korea believe that the tested missile is superior to the characteristics of all the previous ones. At the initiative of the three countries today in new York at 16:30 (00:30 GMT Thursday) will convene an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council.

South Korea in response to North Korea conducted missile tests. Washington has promised to use all the resources to «economic and diplomatic pressure has forced North Korea once and for all to abandon its nuclear and ballistic program.»

The DPRK continues to develop its missile program, despite the dissatisfaction of the international community. Before this test the last time Pyongyang launched a rocket «And 12» in September.

Against the DPRK sanctions of the UN Security Council, which greatly restrict the export and import capabilities of North Korea. Resolution 2375 set the most stringent sanctions regime of the UN in the XXI century.

In the DPRK, spoke about the capabilities of missiles launched© RIA Novosti, Integratiebeleid in fotobanka can fly rockets to the DPRK