In Voronezh opened a case of extortion by the collectors of money from a woman

© Fotolia / MulderphotoВоронеж. Archival photoIn Voronezh opened a case of extortion by the collectors of money from a woman© Fotolia / Mulderphoto

The police after public Prosecutor’s check criminal case on extortion by collectors and threats of violence to the inhabitant of Voronezh for an unpaid former spouse the loan, the Supervisory authority region.

Earlier the inhabitant of the Kominternovsky area of Voronezh has appealed to the Prosecutor’s office, then the Supervisory authority began checking the circumstances of the incident.

«It is established that the phone number of the applicant repeatedly received calls from representatives of the unidentified collection organizations. In the course of telephone conversations from women are required to return the funds borrowed her former husband», — stated in the message.

According to prosecutors, in case of refusal to transfer money to the caller threatened violence. «He explained that get money by any means, because he knows the place of residence and work of the applicant, which moves around the city alone, but also about the presence of her minor children,» — said the Prosecutor.

According to the Supervisory authority, fearing for his life and health, as well as the safety of his family, the woman tried to find out where to take the money, but the collector said he would take them himself.

«Materials Prosecutor’s check sent to the police Department, which initiated a criminal case under part 1 of article 163 of the criminal code (extortion, is requirement to transfer other people’s property under threat of violence). The investigation is underway», — informs the Prosecutor’s office. The sanction of article provides till four years of imprisonment.