Latvia intends to launch a rocket into space in 2018

© Flickr / Martijn Booister views of the historic centre of Riga. Archival photoLatvia intends to launch a rocket into space in 2018© Flickr / Martijn Booister

Specialists of the Latvian science centre ZINOO plan in 2018 for the 100th anniversary of the independence of Latvia to send into space the first rocket, told reporters on Wednesday, the engineer, the rocket designer Andrei pouchitis.

«Now we are launching small missiles that look like toys. We are the first to do this type of rocket. We are the only certified specialists in the Baltic region, which allowed to produce high-power missiles,» — said pouchitis

It is planned that the next missile during the test, will fly up to 50 kilometers, and 100 kilometers, which is the border of space.

«We need to make a streamlined rocket, aerokosmichesky correct that the device could come back and we found it. Most of the work already done,» said pouchitis.

Experts of the scientific centre ZINOO note that we have to build a rocket that can overcome the barrier of 100 kilometers vertically, can only in 19 countries.